See the art inspired by the Wabanaki creation story

The art may display a stillness, but Spasaqsit Possesom, also known as Ron Tremblay, said everything that went into the work is very much alive. 

That includes some of his own work, on display at the George Fry Gallery on Queen Street in Fredericton as part of an exhibit produced

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Inside review: a dour, ill-conceived psychological drama

Willem Dafoe sits in front of a table in Inside.

“Inside is an ambitious but ultimately ineffective psychological drama.”


  • Willem Dafoe’s go-for-broke solo performance
  • An effectively disorienting pace


  • A meandering, overlong story
  • A disappointing lack of tension throughout
  • A lackluster conclusion

Inside is a thoroughly unpleasant film. That isn’t a bug so much as it is a feature,

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