5 TikTokers who combine the art of cooking with ASMR

Credit: menwiththepot, dailymeals91, miniaturecookingasmr/TikTok

Credit: menwiththepot, dailymeals91, miniaturecookingasmr/TikTok

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, can cause a “tingly” sensation when people hear certain sounds or visual triggers. That combined with food prep is the latest relaxing trend taking over TikTok. What could be better than combining the most gratifying sights and sounds of cuisine into one quick video? Here are five TikTok accounts that prove ASMR and cooking are a match made in sensory heaven.

1. Sam Way (@sameats)

Watching TikTok user Sam Way (@sameats) prepare food is like attending a matinee of Stomp. Aside from Way’s gourmet cooking, his percussion skills in the kitchen have earned him more than 5 million TikTok followers. Whether he’s making crème brûlée or eggs benny, Way’s method of cooking is nothing less than captivating.

2. Miniature Cooking ASMR (@miniaturecookingasmr)

TikTok user Miniature Cooking ASMR (@miniaturecookingasmr) combines the art of cooking, ASMR and miniatures into satisfying meals. Viewers can marvel at appliances and utensils that, in addition to being tiny, are actually functional! You can’t get this kind of omelet anywhere else.

3. Men With The Pot (@menwiththepot)

If your perfect meal involves scenic views and a farm-to-table menu, then TikTok Men With The Pot (@menwiththepot) is the satisfying content you need. Vegetable chopping and chirping birds make for a melodic soundtrack. Who knew watching someone else make cheesy garlic bread next to a shimmering lake could be so relaxing?

4. Ms Shi & Mr He (@msshiandmrhe)

Watching a video from TikTok power couple Ms Shi & Mr He (@msshiandmrhe) is like watching an ASMR version of Julia Child. Ms Shi’s soft-spoken narration accompanies the footage. From shiitake mushrooms to mini banana pancakes, Ms Shi believes food is best served with a whisper.

5. Daily Meals (@dailymeals91)

TikTok user Daily Meals (@dailymeals91) combines the art of cooking with stop-motion. Objects appear as though they have a life of their own thanks to the playful, quick, incremental footage. Whether making chocolate popcorn or crab meat pasta, each recipe is like its own Pixar short.

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