After 3 years, popular Quarry Rock hike in North Vancouver open again

The Quarry Rock trail in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove neighborhood has reopened this weekend, after three years of closures that initially stemmed from the pandemic.

In March 2020, the popular hike was first closed after hikers showed up in large numbers when many indoor establishments shut down. The District of North Vancouver enforced physical distancing requirements through a total shutdown of the trail. 

Quarry Rock is one part of the much longer Baden Powell Trail that leads from Deep Cove in the east to Horseshoe Bay in the west. Its short duration, and the scenic view from the top of the eponymous rock, led it to be a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, its March 2020 closure was extended further into 2021 after traffic issues on nearby Gallant Avenue.

Two silhouetted figures stand atop a large rock in a forest amid rainy and windy conditions.
Two hikers are pictured on Quarry Rock while it is closed due to safety concerns with the trial in Deep Cove on Dec. 6, 2022. The trail has finally reopened after more than three years. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

“[The trail] was kept closed to ease traffic congestion impacts during the Gallant Avenue storm sewer construction,” said Ryan Schaap, a spokesperson for the District of North Vancouver, in an email.

Even after the sewer construction was completed, the trail was then significantly impacted by record rainfall which caused flooding in much of southwest B.C., in late 2021.

“The trail was closed so crews could repair bridge and stair structures that were significantly damaged during the 2021 extreme winter storms,” Schaap said. “Repairs are now complete and the trail is open to visitors.”

Road, bridge closures nearby

While Quarry Rock and the Baden Powell Trail has been reopened, drivers are likely to find parking and commuting there difficult due to the Livable Deep Cove project, a series of improvements to the Deep Cove neighbourhood.

The project, which began in February, has closed off a section of Gallant Avenue closest to the trailhead. However, the area remains accessible by pedestrians and public transit.

On the west side of the Baden Powell Trail, in West Vancouver, hikers are likely to face some detours as a bridge along the Brothers Creek Loop has been closed.

The District of West Vancouver says two wooden pedestrian bridges there are more than three decades old, and one of them has been closed following a safety assessment.

“To ensure public safety, the bridge that is located at the juncture of the Trans Canada Trail, Baden Powell Trail and Brothers Creek Trail has been closed,” reads a statement from the district.

“The second bridge located at the intersection of the Crossover Trail and Brothers Creek Trail, is now limited to two users at a time and is not to be used at all when covered with snow,” it continued.

The statement says trail users will be provided with detour signs and alternate route signage.

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