Audi Sport Reveal Art Car Liveries To Mark Spa Centenary

Audi Sport customer racing will be showcasing four one-off designs at the 2021 Spa 24 Hours to pay homage to a major anniversary to the Spa Francorchamps circuit whose racing history began in 1921.

“It’s an honour for us to congratulate this awesome track on its racing anniversary,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport customer racing. “We are doing this for the first time with four race cars exclusively dedicated to the design. They all cite references to Belgium and to various artistic and design traditions of the country.” Common to all four cars is the stylized number 100 for Spa’s racing century. This number overlays the red rhombus of Audi Sport on the race car roof. The design of this area symbolizes the gift in the style of a banderole.

Audi Sport Team Attempto, which missed last year’s victory by only 4.6 seconds, field the #66 R8 LMS in Belgium’s national colours this year.

Black, yellow and red dominates the bodywork of the race car driven by Mattia Drudi, Dennis Marschall and Christopher Mies. This is complemented by a green hue. Graffiti-like spray patterns and flowing gradients give the car its unmistakable character. The #25 of Audi Sport Team Saintéloc by contrast is strictly geometric.

The car from the 2017 winning team, this time driven by Christopher Haase, Patric Niederhauser and Markus Winkelhock, takes up the design ideas of Victor Servranckx. With his abstract works, the Belgian was a major graphic artist in his country in the first half of the 20th century. The red, yellow, green and blue patterns represent Servranckx’s formal language. The constructivist logo of the Spa race track on the doors of the R8 LMS fits perfectly into this design.

Audi Sport Team WRT, winner of the 24-hour race in 2011 and 2014, is bringing two more art cars to the grid. The Audi driven by Kelvin van der Linde, Dries Vanthoor and Charles Weerts represents the “Art nouveau” era. It coincides with the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The pattern on the #32 picks up design elements of the fashion of the time.

It originated in textile centres such as Antwerp, Belgium, among others. Audi Sport combines this design with lines depicting the course of the Spa circuit. The sister car of Robin Frijns, Dennis Lind and Nico Müller represents a theme that has inspired many people from childhood: the red and yellow patterns of #37 reflect the lush and sweeping color and drawing style of comic strips. Great figures such as Tintin, Gaston or the ever-popular racing driver Michel Vaillant stand for various comic styles from Belgium that achieved fame around the globe.

The Audi Sport teams at the Spa 24 Hours

Audi Sport Team Saintéloc
#25 Christopher Haase/Patric Niederhauser/Markus Winkelhock (D/CH/D)

Audi Sport Team WRT
#32 Kelvin van der Linde/Dries Vanthoor/Charles Weerts (ZA/B/B)
#37 Robin Frijns/Dennis Lind/Nico Müller (NL/DK/CH)

Audi Sport Team Attempto
#66 Mattia Drudi/Dennis Marschall/Christopher Mies (I/D/D)

Saintéloc Racing
#26 Jamie Green/Finlay Hutchison/Adrien Tambay (GB/GB/F)
#27 Alexandre Cougnaud/Lucas Légeret/Aurélien Panis/Louis Prette (F/F/F/F)

Team WRT
#30 Franco Colapinto/Benjamin Goethe/James Pull (RA/DK/GB)
#31 Frank Bird/Valdemar Eriksen/Ryuichiro Tomita (GB/DK/J)

Attempto Racing
#99 Alex Aka/Max Hofer/Fabien Lavergne (D/A/F)

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