Ayla Golf Club: An Oasis of Luxury and Leisure by the Red Sea

Ayla Golf Club, nestled in the tranquil and picturesque Aqaba landscape, embodies the fusion of eco-sustainability and top golfing. This renowned club has a specialized course and varied membership choices for an exceptional golfing occasion. With a championship course, an academy course, and numerous facilities and services, the club is an ideal golf destination for devotees of diverse abilities, and was created by none other than the famous Greg Norman.


Ayla Golf Club: Where Luxury Meets Nature

Reflecting Jordan’s commitment to sustainable development the Ayla Golf Club Aqaba boasts the award-winning golf course extending over 800,000 sq.m. The course is wonderfully designed, with luxuriant emerald green fairways, glittering lagoons, and myriad thriving eco-systems. The course, with its rolling landscape and strategic water bodies, poses a challenge for the golfers as well as acts as an asylum for the migratory birds thereby increasing the natural biodiversity of the region.


Greg Norman: The Man Behind Ayla Golf Club

The Ayla Golf Club design is by the renowned ‘Great White Shark’, Greg Norman. The layout of the facility reflects his philosophy of minimizing environmental disturbance, showing his respect to the surrounding natural beauty around it. The dedication to ecological sustainability and natural features integration in its over 100 courses globally has earned Greg Norman Golf Course Design international reputation.


Eco-Friendly Design: Sustainability in Ayla Golf Club

This is one of the remarkable aspects of the ecologically designed Ayla Golf Club. The architects appreciated the Jordanian topography, which prompted them to carefully design man-made lakes and wadis, that functioned as water storage for irrigation as well as part of the course’s ecosystem. The water bodies support the course by sustaining it and attracting and supporting the local wildlife, making it more appealing.


Facilities and Services: Redefining the Golfing Experience

Beginners as well as experienced golfers are provided with diverse facilities and amenities at the Ayla Golf Club. The club provides a well-rounded learning and leisure environment, featuring swing-and-putting studios and meticulously maintained practice areas. The staff of the Ayla Golf Academy, which includes PGA-qualified instructors, provides top training and guidance to the members, thus enhancing their golfing talents and making their experience even more fulfilling.


Membership Options: One Size Fits All for Golfers

There are different membership packages at the Ayla Golf Club, which include individual to corporate packages. Golfers can select one that suits their interests and needs. There are three categories of membership: the Classic Membership, Academy Membership, and Corporate Membership, which all have perks like free green fees, exclusive discounts, and advanced booking privileges, making every member’s experience unique and pleasing.



Ayla Golf Club Aqaba is an exceptional golf club in the heart of Aqaba that goes beyond typical golf courses offering an oasis of luxury, sustainability, and world-class golfing. The Club boasts a breathtaking ecology design, state-of-the-art facilities and a range of full membership options for an unmatched golfing experience amidst the picturesque Red Sea. Ayla Golf Club serves as a symbol of Jordan’s dedication to preserve its natural heritage for all enthusiasts and novices.


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