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BLACKPINK JISOO’s “Visual Film 2” is still trending #1 on YouTube Worldwide despite being released over 24 hours ago

YG Entertainment recently uploaded on BLACKPINK’s official channel the second visual film of Jisoo’s upcoming solo album. The charming mise-en-scène and mysterious sound came in a combination that strongly attracted the mind.

Jisoo’s elegant gesture exuded charisma and allure. In 25 seconds, the singer captivated their full attention with her deep gaze while staying at the center of the frame.

More notably, the background elements lent an air of tradition to the visual film, especially the window and doors decorated with traditional patterns harmonized with the colorful hairpin.

Towards the end of the teaser, an ink painting slowly appeared, creating a lingering sensation of a flower blooming.

Kpop fans were fascinated with JISOO, quickly making the visual film #2 the Worldwide trending #1 on Youtube.

On Twitter, JISOO also dominated the Worldwide trends, becoming number 1 in real-time as the hashtags and tagline associated with her increased.

The album is set for release on March 31 at 12 AM EST (1 PM KST), so stay tuned until then!

Pre-order JISOO’s solo debut album here.

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