Brighton arts council placing free art around town March 12

Brightonians can keep an eye out for free artwork throughout Brighton on Sunday, March 12.Brightonians can keep an eye out for free artwork throughout Brighton on Sunday, March 12.

Brighton will provide a blank canvas on Sunday, March 12 for various pieces of artwork that will be placed throughout the community.

 The Brighton Arts and Culture Council (BACC) is participating in a worldwide art drop called Art and Found Day. In 2022, 1,113 artists from 38 countries participated in the event.

 This year, the BACC is taking an active role, says Brightonian Des Rodrigues, painter and founding member of the BACC, by taking part in the initiative.

 “It’s an opportunity to give back to the community, and to highlight and bring focus to the arts, and the desire of the BACC to develop and expand the scope of what an arts council can provide (for) Brighton,” Rodrigues told the Brighton Independent.

 The event also provides the chance for the BACC to demonstrate “the cultural and economic benefits that will make our community a go-to destination” for the arts, he added.  

 “Join us and thousands of artists around the world for the largest free art drop.”

 Paintings, photographs, drawings, handmade items, music albums, books and other decorative creations will be placed in packages that will be marked as “free art” and distributed around Brighton.

 Visit the BACC website for more information.

 Clues about the location of the various art pieces will be shared on the BACC’s Facebook page


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