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Digital Photographer Gear Of The Year Awards 2022

Discover which cameras, lenses and accessories came top from all the kit we reviewed in 2022. Is your next purchase in here somewhere? (Image credit: Future)

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It’s been an exciting year for new photo gear, with some important products released for both photographers and video shooters. In our annual Gear of the Year feature, we round up the best cameras, lenses, accessories and software that has passed through our office doors over the past 12 months. We always look forward to writing this one so, make sure you dive in to see which kit caught our eye and impressed us the most! 

Pro ways to use long exposures

Capture creative images and solve common everyday practical problems with top-tier long exposure techniques (Image credit: Future)

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Next up, our Technique Editor Kim explores an essential skill at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere – long exposure photography. Light is quite hard to come by during the winter, so understanding how best to adapt your camera settings is key. Kim explains how, using pro shutter speed techniques, you can capture creative images and overcome common challenges in your day-to-day shoots. Take your best shots now!

Tricky landscape skills

James Abbott (opens in new tab) explains how to overcome the challenges of shooting low to the ground, to create shots with amazing depth and detail (Image credit: Future)

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Landscape photography allows us to connect with the great outdoors and explore the variety of colour and detail each season brings. Winter is no different, so this issue expert pro James Abbott has written us a guide on low-level landscapes, using wideangle lenses. Learn to use both shooting and editing techniques to ensure maximum sharpness from the front of your shot to more distant objects.

Photojournalism skills

We join pro documentary photographer Karyn Louise, founder of RUBY LDN (opens in new tab) on a vigil in London, to learn how to take truthful-yet-respectful images, which convey emotion.  (Image credit: RUBY LDN)

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DSLRs aren’t dead yet!

Mirrorless cameras might be the future but there are some cracking deals on top-level DSLRs to be found. We discover which model is best for enthusiasts. Save some cash today (Image credit: Future)

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