Google TV Updates User Interface, Adds Navigation Features

Google on Thursday announced changes to its Google TV user interface, which some US users should see now. The changes include four new content pages under the apps row in the For You tab, as well as new homes for some navigation features.

The new pages are called Movies, Shows, Family and Español. Movies and Shows were previously located in the main navigation bar, across the top of a user’s screen. Family and Español are new.

Google TV’s new content tabs.


In the Family page, users can find movies and shows with a rating of PG or better, making it easy to find content whole families can enjoy together. However, this new tab won’t replace profiles you may have set up for young children.

The Español page shows Spanish-language entertainment, including movies and shows, telenovelas and live TV. Spanish-language apps like Pantaya and FlixLatino, and a library of dubbed and subbed movies and shows, can also be accessed from this page.

Other changes coming to Google TV include relocating profile switcher to the top left corner of your screen, moving Search to the far right of the navigation bar and a new quick settings button.

Google wrote in a blog post that these changes will be available on Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices.

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