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How An IT Sales Head And A Self-Taught Photographer Immortalises Wild To Life?

A photograph immortalises memories. Over a decade ago, Ratish would often find himself capturing memories through a camera during travel & social occasions. The pictures always garnered praise from friends & family alike. His ability to conceptualise a frame before capturing it in an image enhanced the quality of the pictures. On a wildlife safari in 2014, Ratish spotted his first tiger in the wild, and that sparked a creative fire to capture wildlife in images.

 A self-taught photographer, Ratish practised & honed his photography skills with perseverance. Investing several weekends & free time to capture images of nature, he would drive out of the city to sharpen the skills further. To refine his art, many sleepless nights were spent camping in open vistas for astrophotography. Concentrated effort on truly understanding the technical aspects  & the working of a camera, his focus was to use the camera to its highest potential.

Ratish actively sought mentoring & guidance from some of the best names in wildlife photography & absorbed valuable knowledge from them. He believes that a camera is only as good as the person behind the lens.  An image is made in a photographers mind & an intimate understanding of the use of light with aesthetics of composition is the key. Subjects in the wild don’t pose for photographs; hence, your command over gear & swift implementation of the technique is what makes a great photograph. Ratish’s forays for wildlife expeditions to different jungles struck a chord. As he began communing with nature, his love grew, and he had a deeper respect for the invaluable biodiversity that our country is blessed with. Studying big cat behaviour & capturing their varied emotions in a frame became a passion. The majesty of the big cat, resplendent in its natural habitat & exuding royalty in every mannerism, made Ratish fall in love with them. Environmental conservation, protection of endangered species of wildlife are real concerns we are grappling with today. Our very existence as a race depends on peaceful cohabitation  & conservation. What better way to inculcate love for wildlife than through pictures & expeditions? With this thought.

Ratish attempts to build a love for wildlife, one picture at a time. He has a keen interest in coaching and mentoring budding wildlife photographers. With a natural flair for teaching & expertise in using professional cameras to their best potential, Ratish often finds himself reviewing pictures of budding photographers & guiding them on post-processing during his free time. He has been on wildlife expeditions to most of the national parks in India & parks. He has a wonderful gallery showcasing the natural wonders of the wild. On a wildlife expedition to Masai Mara, Kenya, in 2019, Ratish had the opportunity to photograph one of the rarest sights – The Spotted Zebra “Tira”. This image was loved & admired by wildlife lovers. His work has been published in digital platforms of repute nature in focus, Discovery UK, to name a few. When not in the jungles donning safari gear & camera in hand, Ratish works as Head of Sales – QUESS Corp ltd.

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