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Mike Tyson is the face of Roberto Cavalli’s Spring/Summer 2022 menswear collection.

The boxing legend stars in a film to showcase the first collection with Fausto Puglisi at the helm.

The Tommaso Ottomano visual shows off the Andy Warhol-inspired pieces – including bold animal prints – with the theme of the American Dream.

Puglisi said in a statement: “Mike Tyson is one of the last living pop icons and beyond being a boxing champion, he is also a stylish man, with a very personal and eccentric taste.

“But more than the undisputed boxing champion and American icon, his personal story is also a tale of survival, struggle, and resilience. He embodies America in both the American Dream and all the possibilities it holds, but also its reverse.”

Tyson appears in a zebra-print robe with his surname emblazoned on the back.

And, in a joint interview with the designer, Tyson revealed that wearing pink makes him want to fight.

Speaking to GQ, the 55-year-old retired heavyweight champion explained: “Pink has a lot to do with it. If I’m wearing pink, I’m not going to have an expression like you want to talk to me. ’Cause when I have on pink, I’m very serious. Pink makes me very masculine.

To which Puglisi replied: “Belissimo!”

Tyson added: “I almost want to fight in those clothes. Those clothes make me want to fight a little.”

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