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    Photography Technique
    December 25, 2022

    10 Leading Lines Tips and Examples From Pros

    In photography, the term leading lines is a compositional technique used to draw a viewer’s eye to the subject of…
    Film Trending
    August 20, 2021

    Evangelion Trends as Fans Prepare for Its Final Movie’s Premiere

    The final film of the Rebuild of Evangelion franchise is set to arrive on August 13th on Amazon Prime, with…
    July 23, 2021

    Matt Damon calls out Facebook for coronavirus vaccine misinformation amid rising cases

    Matt Damon spoke out against vaccine hesitancy and misinformation amid a rise in coronavirus cases sweeping across the United States. …
    July 24, 2021

    Ryan Reynolds reveals how he and Blake Lively got together

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively co-starred in the box-office flop Green Lantern in 2011, then married in 2012, so you…
    Film Trending
    January 24, 2023

    Jennifer Garner’s Sexy Assassin Movie Is Trending On Netflix

    Jennifer Garner’s bizarre Marvel film, Elektra, is currently in the top ten of all movies on Netflix. By Jonathan Klotz…
    March 5, 2023

    6 win Visitors’ Choice Awards at 12th International Art Competition

    With the Church History Museum’s 12th International Art Competition exhibit winding down after more than eight months, six of the…
    November 9, 2022

    Tips to avoid sharing false or misleading news about the midterm election : NPR

    Early voting ballots move through a ballot and signature verification machine at the Utah County election offices in Provo, Utah,…
    January 28, 2023

    TV Premiere Dates 2023 Archive

    Trying to remember what shows released on which dates in 2023? Have a look at our Premiere Dates Archive for…
    January 19, 2023

    Average Canadian house price fell 12% last year, new CREA numbers show

    The average price of a Canadian home that sold in December was $626,318, a decline of more than 12 per cent…
    November 10, 2022

    Alaska News Nightly: Monday, November 7, 2022

    State Representative Candidate Caroline Storm went door to door on Thursday November 3, leaving flyers for her campaign. (Matt Faubion/Alaska…
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