Star Wars Celebration 2023 Art Show Pieces Revealed, Preorders

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Image: Lucasfilm/Acme Archive

The next Star Wars Celebration is just a month away—promising news on the franchise’s future, but also giving us a veritable sea of merch to ogle. This especially goes for the con’s traditional art show, which in 2023 is jam-packed with riffs on The Mandalorian, Andor, and more… especially if you like Ahsoka Tano.

The former Jedi is undoubtedly the star of our first look at the lineup of prints that will be available this year in London—and only there, as preorders, set to go live at Dark Ink Art from March 10-20, are only for pick up at Celebration. Just 200 will be up for grabs during the preorder period, with 50 more of each print going on sale at Celebration.

That means that unless you’re going to be at Celebration London this year—running from April 7-10—this is probably going to be the only chance you’ll get to gawp at these bits of art from the galaxy far, far away. Click through to see each piece!

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