See the art inspired by the Wabanaki creation story

The art may display a stillness, but Spasaqsit Possesom, also known as Ron Tremblay, said everything that went into the work is very much alive. 

That includes some of his own work, on display at the George Fry Gallery on Queen Street in Fredericton as part of an exhibit produced

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Glaze protects art from prying AIs

The asymmetry in time and effort it takes human artists to produce original art vs the speed generative AI models can now get the task done is one of the reasons why Glaze, an academic research project out of the University of Chicago, looks so interesting. It’s just launched a

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Inside the World of ‘Art Dropping’


Imagine while on your morning coffee run, you find a package on a bench wrapped in brown paper, with a note saying there’s art inside. Opening the package reveals an original piece of art, a small, acrylic painting with broad brushstrokes resembling the ocean, or maybe it’s a mountain. While

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