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Pro tips to capture Urban Wildlife

Capture stunning images of creatures in the urban environment with help from the pros (Image credit: Future)

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Wild subjects might be closer than you think! In our main feature, we explore the world of urban wildlife photography and all of the unique photo opportunities this reveals. Animals blend into the urban landscape far more effectively than you can imagine, so with help from two top pro photographers we explain how to find, study and capture images of creatures close to home.

Create your own photo ‘look’

Stand out from the crowd and shoot images with your own signature style with these shooting and editing tips  (Image credit: Future)

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Next up, dive into our creative techniques feature which is all about learning to find and craft your own unique photographic style. Remaining true to your own creative vision while also shooting what others want to see can be a challenge. With our guide to developing both your shooting and editing skills, you’ll be able to capture images the way you’ve always wanted to, while creating content that appeals to a wide audience. 

Dramatic black and white portraits

Shoot a fantastic mono portrait reminiscent of David Bailey (Image credit: Future)

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Black and white portraits can be truly eye-catching, most likely because they allow the viewer to focus on shapes and tones, without the interference of colour contrast. In our creative project pages we look at how to use minimal flash to produce a high contrast monochrome portrait at home, oozing with atmosphere and character. 

Cinematic landscapes

Join Alistair Campbell and Lloyd Evans (opens in new tab) in Cheddar Gorge to learn how to capture scenic shots with a cinematic edge. (Image credit: Future)

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Supertest: pro-level 70-200mm zoom lenses

Canon or Nikon, Sigma or Tamron, Sony or Lumix? Find out which zoom comes out on top! (Image credit: Future)

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