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It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words and truly so! The events that the photographers capture in their camera become a part of history and are cherished even several decades later. Undoubtedly, photographs are also the most effective mode of communication as these are sans any barriers of language.

The World Photography Day brings passionate shutterbugs together, who share their work by way of exhibitions, contests and events. The day was originally chosen to mark the purchase of the patent to the Daguerreotype camera by the French government, who made it free for use to the entire world on August 19, 1839. This type of photographic process was developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niépce. In 1975, the first digital camera was created by Eastman Kodak

A daytime moon captured using a special zoom lens.

Nature photography

Nature photography is an outdoor photography taken to capture elements of nature such as landscapes, flora and fauna among other things.

The nature’s beauty and awe captured during a sunset.

Using high-shutter speed

For general photography of slower-moving subjects, one can take pictures at 1/200th second, 1/100th second but fast shutter speed is typically required while photographing birds, that may be 1/1000th second or faster.

A camera with a high burst rate gives the best results to capture the action of swimmers, divers and athletes.

Caught in motion

Panning in still photography refers to the technique of opening the camera shutter and then horizontally moving the camera before the shutter closes. Panning is used in panorama photography.

Slow-shutter speed photography

Slow shutter photography is a technique in which the camera’s shutter is left open for a long time to take advantage of a longer exposure time. It captures moving points of light and helps to show motion in a picture.

Moving vehicles captured on a flyover while these zip past the BMC Chowk

A rain drop captured while using a slow shutter speed.

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